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Full Brand Strategy

  • Discovery Session To Learn About Your Business & Objectives

  • Develop Your Internal Brand

  • Define Your Target Market

  • Shape Your Brand Identity

  • Find Your Voice

  • Design Your Marketing Strategy

  • Define Your Business Goals

  • Craft Your Collateral

  • Launch, Analyze and Evolve

Brand Strategy Fast Track

  • Discovery Session To Learn About Your Business & Objectives

  • Brand Vs. Business

  • Determine Your Overall Goal & Who You Are

  • Research & Understand Your Market

  • Create Customer Personas

  • Use the Research To Establish Communication

  • Determine Your Visual Brand

  • Focus on the Longevity of the Brand, Analyze and Evolve

Online Brand Strategy Course & Fast Track

  • A Guided DIY Approach To Branding

  • Brand Vs. Business

  • Determine Your Overall Goal & Who You Are

  • Research & Understand Your Market

  • Create Customer Personas

  • Use the Research To Establish Communication

  • Determine Your Visual Brand

  • Focus on the Longevity of the Brand, Analyze and Evolve


Want to add value to every move you make? We can help.

Why do you need Brand Strategy?


A Logo Is Just The Face Of Your Brand

Having a professional logo that represents the value for your business is extremely important, but this is just the start.  The logo has to be accompanied by branding which is created through brand strategy.


Most Logos Say Very Little About The Actual Business

Contrary to what many people think, a logo doesn't need to say everything about your business.  In fact, most valuable brands have logos that say nothing about their business or what they do.


The Brand Is The Meaning Behind The Logo

Managing the perception behind the logo is where the real power is.  A logo is a vessel of everything your business does.  The brand is what gives the logo meaning and how you resonate with your audience.

Our Strategies Brought To Life

Wolfe Investment Properties

The Project: Brand Strategy, Logo Design

Norris Design is passionate about helping businesses develop their brands. We had the pleasure of working with Wolfe Investment properties to define their target market, shape their identity and design their marketing strategy. The results were well-thought-out, effective, and beautiful.

OZ Outdoors

The Project: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Website Design

OZ Outdoors is an NWA-based landscaping company dedicated to sustainability. The owner came to Norris Design looking for help branding his company – he wanted a brand image that reflected their quality landscaping work. Our first step was to get to know the OZ Outdoors business. We analyzed what the business stood for and who its target market was. We created a logo & outlined an identity that represented the heart of the company – one that would resonate with local residents and remain strong over time. 

The Framework

Develop Your Internal Brand

The first step of brand strategy starts with understand the very specific details of your business.  This includes understanding who you are, what you do and why it matters.  This sets the framework for the rest of the strategy.  We have found the lack of understanding of ones business is  a large problem today.  This is why we have made it a cornerstone of our services. We also consider your competition and how we can differentiate you in the market.  This is crucial to a business' health.


Define Your Target Market

Step two of brand strategy is to evaluate the target market.  This is the foundation of learning how to connect and appeal to them.  We consider who they are, how they feel, what appeals to them, where they spend time, and how to reach them.  We dissect the  details so that we can gain understanding.  Many businesses miss this aspect and it is crucial.  This is why if you invest your time in creating a well thought our brand strategy you can find an effective way to stand out in your market. 


Shape Your Brand Identity

Step three of brand strategy is the last foundation step where we merge the findings of step one and two.  This is where we summarize who you are, who your target market is and how you can shape your brand strategy and brand identity around that. Connecting the details of these two aspects will determine how you can speak and connect with your customers and where you should spend your time and money in marketing, advertising, and graphic design. 


Find Your


Brand Strategy step four is developing communication with your potential customers and this  is of vital importance.  We use the data from the first 3 steps to develop a tone of voice. Depending on the type of business and who the target market is we can begin to understand how to speak directly to the the customers.  It is very powerful to understand this aspect of your brand so that there is not a disconnect through all of your marketing efforts. 


Design Your Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy step five is to use the data from the first 4 steps to conduct a marketing strategy that makes sense for your business.  Norris Design's Brand Strategy workshop should always save our clients' money in the long term.  Understanding who you are and who your target is should help streamline your marketing and prevent your business from wasting  money and time on marketing avenues that don't reach or appeal to your target market. 


Launch, Analyze, and Evolve

The final step of our brand strategy session is ongoing.  We discuss the steps it takes to move forward and implement the strategy.  Then, we talk about the importance of continual analyzation, growth and change. Every business grows and changes.  It is always important to consider these changes and growth so that we can adjust your brand strategy accordingly.  This is where we offer an ongoing brand consultation service so that we can have regular check ins. 


Let's talk

see what people are saying

Did a great job. Really enjoyed the process to develop a brand book. It feels good to be able to organize and visually see what we had been wanting to express.


A very strategic and pragmatic approach to building your business brand. I came away with a better understanding of what I need to do to build a successful brand for my business.


The Brand Strategy plan was very insightful. Going through the process opened my eyes to other areas that I never considered, such as secondary and tertiary markets. I am hoping to use what I learned to target the perfect client to make sure that I get the best start I can for my business.


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