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How am I going to get my next client...?

Updated: May 17

This is a question that we all ask. It is an important one and I have an answer for you!

What to do for your business’ marketing is a complex question. We have all been there thinking, how do I reach my target market in the most affordable way so that my business can be profitable?

This question should be well thought out by every business owner. As a marketing and design agency, my opinions of this evolve every day. Some weeks I get boatloads of referrals from past clients and networking, and the next I will get multiple calls from various online platforms. It is easy to take one and discount the other. But, as I have tried a multitude of marketing strategies, I can look back and understand very personally how these work.

THE KEY IS DIVERSITY. Not every potential client is on every platform, at every networking event, or using Google search. So..how you reach them all is making sure that your marketing strategy is diverse, your vision is clear, and your business is well represented on every platform.

I look back at my last year and understand that if I take one part of my marketing strategy out of the picture, I have completely lost a piece of my business and clientele. I have gotten calls from all of my social media platforms. I have earned one of my largest clients from Instagram. I have gotten calls and closed business multiple times from my website and referrals bring it home as a huge source of business as well.

So…What to do for marketing? Invest in every area in a valuable way.

It is highly important to start with a solid and thought-out brand. Invest in your marketing materials so that your business is perceived as professional and valuable to your potential clients. Make sure that you have a website that is clear, professional, and works well. It is essential because many people who find your business look up your site. If they don’t see one, you instantly lose credibility. Invest time in your social media and make sure that you are interacting with your audience. Wright a blog and create consistent content.

This may all seam overwhelming but it does not have to be. Make a plan so that you have a clear idea of what you need to be doing daily and weekly to build your audience and in turn, your business.

Let us at Norris Design Company help you plan and help you implement these ideas. We are passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals and have the tools that they need to grow. Let us know what you think in the comments below or reach out!

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