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Brand Strategy is a service that we are extremely passionate about because it adds an enormous amount of value to our clients’ businesses.  The process of brand strategy allows us to work through the very important aspects of a business’ identity as well as their place in the market.  We start with a discovery session with a client, conduct research on our own, go through a workbook together, and compile the information. 


The reason brand strategy is so important to any business is that it helps a business develop a clear idea of their position in the market, how they stand out, who their target market is, how to communicate with them and so much more.  These aspects help streamline a business so that they don’t waste time and money on things that don’t make sense for their strategic position.  Brand strategy helps businesses earn their ideal clients, at higher value, over a longer period of time.  This is why we wholeheartedly believe in it. 


Ask us today to schedule a free, no obligation discovery session to see if this is what your business needs. 


Branding goes far beyond just a logo.  Branding is the gut feeling a customer gets when thinking about your business.  Branding can be far more effective than marketing and advertising because instead of telling people who you are as a business, your clients have a personal feeling about who you are.  This is much more personal because they aren't just trusting your word for it, they have come to this conclusion on their own and they believe it.  

Branding is a combination of brand strategy and graphic design.  A large part of what we do for branding is logo design, but we take a full service approach to branding.  We do much more than just a logo design.  

Our vision is to help build entire brands.  Ideally we want to be able to develop brand strategy, design a logo, design collateral for marketing, as well as reevaluate the plan as time goes on.  

Ask us today to schedule a free, no obligation discovery session to see if this is what your business needs. 


Graphic design is our original passion and still is a huge part of what we do at Norris Design.  While brand strategy and branding are of extreme importance, these ideas must be carried out in a visual way.  Graphic design ties up all the loose ends.  

We use the strategy and vision of the business to develop more effectively designed marketing materials.  What materials are needed is determined by the type of business and who their target market is.  We use these insights combined with finely tuned graphic design skills to create beautiful and purposeful work for your business. 

We are able to design logos, websites, print materials, vehicle wraps, presentation design and much more.  If we do not offer the services you need, we have highly trusted strategic partners who we can connect you with as we want to be a valuable resource to our businesses.  

Ask us today to schedule a free, no obligation discovery session to see if this is what your business needs. 

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I recently hired Kim to create gift cards for both of my brands. She was open to my ideas, patient, professional and ultimately provided me with beautifully designed and printed cards. I highly recommend Kim and Norris Design Company.

It was a true blessing to work with Kimberly on our logo design. She is very responsive and easy to work with. Along with her great marketing ideas she is definitely a win win for local businesses in NWA!!! I can't wait to continue growing our business with Norris Design Company.

Kristen Myrex

Kim did awesome work! Very responsive to questions and concerns! Very dedicated in ensuring her customers are satisfied with her work!

Alexys Albarran

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Brand Strategy

We create a results-based brand strategy for all aspects of your company to foster customer trust and build brand acknowledgment over time.

Logo/Brand Design

Creating brand identities is our passion. We believe it takes insight into your business, your customers, and your hopes for your business to build the best logo possible. And we’re willing to take the time to do this.

Brand Consultation

We’re happy to meet with you on a consulting basis about your brand strategy. As your Brand Consultant, I’ll periodically check-in after the initial strategy session, on a continual basis, to make any adjustments or revisions to keep your brand and messaging on track. 

Print Marketing

Think of us as your one-stop-shop for printed marketing materials. We create thoughtful designs and take care of the printing for you. This can save you time and money. Our printing services include business cards, brochures, flyers, and more.

Website Design

Your website is crucial to your business, We design custom websites that are responsive to all platforms, are easy to navigate, and present your company professionally and clearly.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer affordable SEO that actually gets results.  This service includes on-page and off page SEO.  We offer local, regional, and national SEO Services with not long-term contracts.

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