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Kimberly Norris is a true professional. She listens to your ideas, provides options, and keeps working until you are happy with the design. The quality of her work cannot be matched, it is too notch!!!

Mario Cunningham

The Brand Strategy plan with Kimberly was very insightful. Going through the process opened my eyes to other areas that I never considered, such as secondary and tertiary markets. I am hoping to use what I learned to target the perfect client to make sure that I get the best start I can for my business.

Cesar Garcia

Kim is literally the best at what she does! I had my ideas and my made them come to life! Any changes I wanted to make she was so quick to make them. Just talking with her you can tell she truly cares about her clients and puts a lot into her work to make it perfect!

April Copeland

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Who We Are

Norris Design is a boutique design firm in Northwest Arkansas that specializes in high quality graphic design and brand strategy. We are small scale so that we can offer the highest quality, attention, and results to each of our clients.  Our focus is and will always be on personal relationships, high quality work, and merging strategy and creativity as one. 


We are interested in helping businesses find the value of design that is both beautiful and strategic.  When this is done, the end result is of such higher value to our clients. 

Beauty and strategy should always go hand in hand in graphic design and marketing, yet most of the time they do not.  We work one on one with businesses so that we can help a business develop a strategic brand that works hard for them.  Branding is more than a logo, it is who a business is and how a business is perceived.  We are here to take advantage of this and make sure that the impression that you create each and every day is fostering the brand that works how it is intended.

How We Came To Be

Norris Design was founded on the realization that Northwest Arkansas needs accessible, high quality graphic design.  There are so many businesses here in Northwest Arkansas that need help developing not only a logo and some print materials but a fully developed brand.  

When we started our business as Norris Design Company we ended up on a path towards a full agency very quickly.  We realized that through the high volume of work, quality was starting to be lost.  So, we made a decision to not be forced into this large agency model of offering anything and everything, but instead we narrowed our services and offer much higher value in everything that we do. 


In 2021 we decided to rebrand to Norris Design so that we could adjust our brand to our more specified vision that had evolved.  This is when we realized the world didn't need just another graphic design business, but instead a designer that would help businesses on a much more valuable level through both strategy and design.  So, we dropped the large agency model that we were headed towards.  We realized to offer the value that we aspired to we had to be personal and work only on a small scale.  As we shifted to this boutique small business model, we found that we could help our clients on a much more impactful basis.  We are looking forward to this new chapter in our business. 

Meet Kimberly Norris

My name is Kimberly Norris and I am the founder of Norris Design.  I grew up in Springdale, Arkansas and came back to this amazing area after my time at school to work at a marketing agency and then start my business. 


I first fell in love with graphic design through my love for fine arts such as drawing and ceramics.  I soon found the career of graphic design and started on this path so that I could make a living doing some type of art.  

I found out how much I loved to create art that serves a purpose in people's businesses and livelihoods.  I started to really enjoy not only the art of graphic design but also the marketing and business aspect.  I find that all of those aspects of my business involve an immense amount of creativity which is what I really enjoy. 

While watching educational videos and reading about graphic design I discovered a new way to look at graphic design, through brand strategy.  I found that I could offer so much more to my clients than beautiful aesthetics.  I could offer design that was strategic and thoughtful so that they would get much more out of my services.  I have since continued to learn and grow in passion about strategy as I see the immense need for it today in the businesses that I work with.  I have enjoyed each of these areas and the growth that each of them has provided me personally as well as through my business. 

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