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Kim took our ideas for a company logo and put her professional spin on it to give us the perfect logo! She does great work, is responsive, and I would recommend her for all of your design needs!

Jeff Ball

It was so easy to work with Kim. She was intentional to see my vision for a logo design, responded quickly, and got the job done in a timely manner! Communication and customer service was great and we loved the final product design. We will be using her again for sure! Highly recommend!

Toni Owens

Kimberly designed my wedding invitations and did a phenomenal job! She was quick to respond and get back to me about questions. She drew up a design we talked about and did a great job editing it based on what I was wanting. I love how the invitations turned out and will be using her in the future for any design or printing needs!

Naomi Lynch

the brand strategy framework

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Brand strategy is the process of creating a plan for all aspects of a company's brand in order to foster an admirable brand that will create trust in your customers and add value to your business over time.

Strategy done well should always save a company money over the life of their business.  We wholeheartedly believe brand strategy should be of extreme importance to people before they even start their business.  

The way we conduct our brand strategy starts with a discovery session where we can really get to know your business, your pain points and your perspective.  This is how we base our research and ultimately a large part of the strategy. After the discovery session, we use the insight to conduct research and prepare for the strategy workshop.  At the workshop sessions we discuss very specific details about your business, differentiation, your target market and how you can specifically foster a constant brand message that is extremely effective. 


We take a full service approach to logo design.  We learn about your business and target market, strategize, and then we work on the design of the logo.  Creating brand identities is a true passion of ours.

Each logo design starts with a discovery session where we can learn about your business as well as who your market is.  We want to focus on these two aspects when we decide on our objective, strategy, and design for you logo.  

We do not open our computer to create your logo for the majority of the design process.  This is what makes our services so unique.  We focus on the hard work upfront by taking the information you give us to strategize, brainstorm, and sketch ideas that we have according to what will work best for your business.  We find that spending a large part of our time upfront allows us to provide a much more effective product in the end. 

After we design your logo options we create a presentation of style boards for you so that you can see our full visualization of the brand with your new logo. This is where we conduct the presentation and get feedback from you about your opinion and have a discussion of where to go from there. We then make any changes and provide your final logo files. 


Brand consulting is a process where we meet on a consulting level with a business about their brand strategy.  This is when we check in periodically after a brand strategy session to make adjustments and revise the plan on a continual basis.

Brand consultation is many times offered in conjunction with our strategy sessions but is not the same.  

Brand consultation does not include a full workbook or strategy session.  We instead check in with our clients to revise a strategy already created or give advice to someone on a less specific basis.  

We are able to give great advice and our brand consultation services have great value but they are no substitution for a full brand strategy session.  


Print marketing includes a large variety of work.  We are able to create thoughtful design and carry out the printing of the products.  We offer business cards, brochures, flyers, post cards, folders, and much more. 

We can help you determine which products would be a good avenue for your business depending on what type of business you offer and who your target market is. 

Whatever the advertising or communication might be, we can help you have the tools that you need to promote your business. 


Website design is a crucial part of any business today.  Each website we design is completely custom.  We can create a site that is responsive to all platforms, easy to navigate, and presents your company professionally and clearly.

We can create well designed websites that are beautiful and fit your brand very well.  We love being able to help clients have this very important tool for their business. 

All of our projects start with a discovery session and strategy.  We want to understand your business as well as your market so that we can understand how this site will work functionally for you and your business as well as your clients. 

We also have resources and partners that we work closely with to offer high quality SEO services if you are interested in an ongoing SEO service.  We want to help you in whatever way we can. 


Quality search engine optimization should be affordable for all businesses and this is what we strive to offer all of our clients.  We also don't believe it should take a year to see results.  

Let us help you get seamless traffic to your website that can turn into leads and help your business grow much more rapidly. 

We create a custom SEO strategy for your specific business and we conduct on site and off site SEO in order to get the best results.  We deliver monthly updates in order to maintain transparency and take you along with us on the journey of improving traffic to your site and get you more calls and business. 

Develop Your Internal Brand

The first step of brand strategy starts with understand the very specific details of your business.  This includes understanding who you are, what you do and why it matters.  This sets the framework for the rest of the strategy.  We have found the lack of understanding of ones business is  a large problem today.  This is why we have made it a cornerstone of our services. We also consider your competition and how we can differentiate you in the market.  This is crucial to a business' health.


Define Your Target Market

Step two of brand strategy is to evaluate the target market.  This is the foundation of learning how to connect and appeal to them.  We consider who they are, how they feel, what appeals to them, where they spend time, and how to reach them.  We dissect the  details so that we can gain understanding.  Many businesses miss this aspect and it is crucial.  This is why if you invest your time in creating a well thought our brand strategy you can find an effective way to stand out in your market. 


Shape Your Brand Identity

Step three of brand strategy is the last foundation step where we merge the findings of step one and two.  This is where we summarize who you are, who your target market is and how you can shape your brand strategy and brand identity around that. Connecting the details of these two aspects will determine how you can speak and connect with your customers and where you should spend your time and money in marketing, advertising, and graphic design. 


Find Your


Brand Strategy step four is developing communication with your potential customers and this  is of vital importance.  We use the data from the first 3 steps to develop a tone of voice. Depending on the type of business and who the target market is we can begin to understand how to speak directly to the the customers.  It is very powerful to understand this aspect of your brand so that there is not a disconnect through all of your marketing efforts. 


Design Your Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy step five is to use the data from the first 4 steps to conduct a marketing strategy that makes sense for your business.  Norris Design's Brand Strategy workshop should always save our clients' money in the long term.  Understanding who you are and who your target is should help streamline your marketing and prevent your business from wasting  money and time on marketing avenues that don't reach or appeal to your target market. 


Launch, Analyze, and Evolve

The final step of our brand strategy session is ongoing.  We discuss the steps it takes to move forward and implement the strategy.  Then, we talk about the importance of continual analyzation, growth and change. Every business grows and changes.  It is always important to consider these changes and growth so that we can adjust your brand strategy accordingly.  This is where we offer an ongoing brand consultation service so that we can have regular check ins. 


How We Do Logo Design

Our approach to logo design is also centered around strategy.  We find that the more thought upfront the better results that we can create for your business. 

We center the logo design on not what people think they want but what will work for their business.  We consider who their target market is, what appeals to them and how we can bridge that gap with the graphic design of the logo. 

1. Discovery Session

Each logo design project starts with a consultation so that we can understand your business and your needs.  We need to understand who you are, who your target market is so that we can find a way to relate the two through logo design. 

2. Strategy

Once we compile the information from the discovery session we research and brainstorm so that we can create a logo that works for your business.  We decide what the goal and style of the logo is and how we can appeal to your market.

3. Sketching

After determining the style and direction of the design we want to go, we sketch ideas for the logo design.  This is the best way for us to get many options on paper and explore through the creative outlet of drawing.  This allows us to explore many more options that will guide our final logo design.

4. Logo Design

We then start working on the computer to create the logo.  We create multiple options and once we are confident in the work, we present the logos in person to our clients.  This is the best way to help our clients view understand and decide on a logo for their business that will last years to come.

Why Brand Strategy & Branding

Branding has many misconceptions.  It is not just a logo or tagline.  It is an all encompassing feeling and reputation that a company or product has fostered in order to promote trust and value in their market.   

Brand strategy is simply bridging the gap between your business and your target market as well as creativity and strategic thinking.  It is a guide to direct every decision and action that you make in your business.  This is relevant in large marketing decisions as well as day to day tasks.  

A brand is said to be an overall feeling about a business.  This includes marketing strategy, customer service, character, design and so much more. Every move your business makes is effecting your brand in either a positive or a negative way.  This is why it is critical to make sure that every action is intentional according to your company’s goals, morals and vision. 

The goal is to be able to create a target that is clear through strategic thought and research so that you are able to have much more value in every move that you make.

The planning and strategy behind a brand can make or break a company.  Every business should be a student in understanding their market.  It is important to understand people, how they react, what they want, why they spend money and how you can use this to your advantage.

Because of this, we realize that everything a business does should be focused on the target market rather than the owner of the business. 

What Makes Us Unique

The way that Norris Design bridges the gap between brand strategy and graphic design makes us very effective at marketing and branding.  We are very passionate about helping businesses in Northwest Arkansas connect strategy and design for much more effective marketing. Our goal is always to add value to our clients' businesses and brand strategy is the way we do this. 

How We Can Help Your Business

Norris Design help's their clients in many ways. Our primary services include Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Consultation, Print Marketing, Website Design and Vehicle Wraps.  No matter what the service is that you need, we start by understanding your business and your target market.  We must understand what your needs are before we conduct any graphic design work.  We pride ourselves in quality graphic design work that is completely custom according to our clients' needs.  Brand Strategy and Brand Consultation is our passion since we see how valuable it can be for our businesses.  

A brand is much more than a logo..

When we design a brand, we consider a large amount of information. We consider your business as well as your target market. We use this information to envision a full brand.  This includes the logo design, the aesthetics of the print marketing materials, the look of the website, physical space and more.  We always start with strategy, then we use graphic design to create the logo, then we envision and design your full brand. 

We look at the full picture. 

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