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Organic Search Drives More Than 50 Percent of Traffic Today



What role should search engine optimization play in your business?

Any business today should allow SEO to play a huge role in their business. It takes an investment of money but it doesn't have to be as much as you might think!

As a business owner...we all know the hustle. It is always a grind to get new customers, better customers, higher paying customers. We spend amazing amounts of time acquiring our customers. We spend time networking, calling people, emailing companies, managing social media, meeting one on one with people, speaking at events....AND THE LIST GOES ON. WE ALL KNOW THE STRUGGLE.

SO, if there was a way to draw in business, get a good return on investment without the headache of all the time draining customer acquisition activities...WHY WOULD YOU NOT?

SEO services are one of the best ways to passively gain clients. We offer these services on an affordable basis with no long term contracts. We are confident that at the price we can provide you will offer an AMAZING ROI for you.

Many SEO companies charge over $1000 per month on SEO and don't even guarantee results. They tell you it will take a year to rank so by the time you pay over $12,000 for the year you can decide if it worked...or not. Then it is MUCH TO LATE.

This isn't true. I see benefit and Return on Investment in huge ways on my website in only 2 months. I saw $7,000 in revenue that came directly through organic search traffic in the first two months of using my own SEO services. This is a no brainer for any business. This was only the first two months. Each month should see more and more improvement so by the end of the year I am not starting to see small results, I am seeing huge results.

If they tell you you have to wait 6 month or a year to see any results this is not true and really is a blind investment and no one should invest without understanding or discernment of the service they are investing in.

We want to educate our clients to understand what SEO is and how it is done. We give transparent monthly reports so that our clients know exactly what they are paying for.

What is the difference in the audience on Social Media Vs. Google Search?

Social Media marketing and SEO are both a long term game. This is important to remember.

Is SEO Right for Your Business?

As I will ALWAYS say....marketing is NEVER one size fits all.

But, in the digital age we live in most companies would benefit largely from SEO services more than many other digital services.

The audience in a search engine is already looking specifically for the services you have to offer. This is what makes it so important.

The audience for social media marketing is very different because they are annoyed by ads and content that they don't necessarily care to see. You are interrupting their attention and hoping that you can hold their attention long enough to see some results.

Although we understand a diverse marketing strategy is ideal, there are reasons we truly believe in the value of SEO versus some other channels.

  1. When investing in SEO you are investing in your website. This is something that can built on and increase over time and yield you an even higher ROI longer. If you pay for ads, when the money is gone you have no asset. SEO is more of an investment.

  2. The audience is ready for what you have to offer. They are searching for that specifically.

  3. We are confident that for most businesses the ROI is much higher for SEO long-term.

  4. SEO is almost completely passive leads while social media takes a lot more time and effort from the business owner.

We want to make sure that we can meet your goals in order to get a great return on investment.

What we consider when analyzing a customer's need for SEO and how much it will benefit them.

  • What is the value to acquire a customer?

  • What is their budget to acquire a customer?

  • How much do their services cost?

  • How many services does the business need to sell to get their ROI from the SEO services?

We think SEO is a no brainer when it does affordably and consistently!

If you want to schedule a no obligation consultation to talk about how this can help your business reach out!

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