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Do You Really Want a Life as an Entrepreneur?

People see all of the glorifying aspects of being an entrepreneur. They often tell me, "How great is it that you get to set your own schedule!" They are right. How great is it that I get to choose which 70 hours a week I get to work. Being an entrepreneur has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the rise of technology, it’s easier than ever for someone to start their own business and make a living from it. But what does it really take to be successful as an entrepreneur? Is entrepreneurship for everyone, or should you stick with the traditional 9-5 job? Let’s explore.

The Pros and Cons of Being an Entrepreneur

There are many benefits to being an entrepreneur. For one, you get complete control over your work and you don’t have to answer to anyone else. This allows you to set your own hours and work on projects that interest you. Additionally, the potential income is much higher than a 9-5 job; if your business takes off, then you could be looking at a much larger paycheck than if you had stayed in your old job. You also get the chance to pursue something that you’re passionate about instead of having to settle for something that pays the bills but doesn’t make your heart sing.

Of course, there are downsides as well. Starting a business requires hard work and dedication; many entrepreneurs find themselves working long hours just to keep up with their workloads. There is also no guarantee of success; even if you put in the time and effort, there is no guarantee that your business will take off as expected or even turn a profit at all! And when things do go wrong (and they inevitably will), entrepreneurs must shoulder all of the responsibility—there is no one else who can take the blame if things don’t go according to plan.

The thing about being an entrepreneur is it is a lonely road. People won't understand. People won't see the unending hours of hard work. People will think you have it easy because you don't have a boss. People will see your success but they never saw the sleepless nights and 12 hour work days.

Being a business owner is a lifestyle and it is not least to start. If you look back at the success of iconic entrepreneurs, you will see that it was not an easy road. We see their lives now and think how great they have it. But we miss the discipline, brilliance, and endless work it took to get where they are. Let's look at some examples!

Steve Jobs

He was far from an overnight success, as he faced a lot of difficulty in his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. From not being wanted by his birth parents, to struggling with Pancreatic Cancer, and to even getting fired from the company that he created, he went through a lot of difficulties throughout his life. Despite the setbacks and hard times, however, he managed to persevere and eventually rose to the top of the professional world. Instead of sulking and letting his failures doom him, Jobs created an opportunity for reinvention and used his talents to grow two other organizations. Through his focus, passion and exceptional imagination, he was able to succeed.

Elon Musk

Musk is undoubtedly one of the most successful entrepreneur of our time. He's made great impact in different fields from his successful companies like Tesla, SpaceX and many more, and of course amassed a staggering amount of wealth in the process. But it wasn't always an easy journey for him. In 2008, struggling Tesla nearly collapsed during the financial crisis. When Tesla needed cash to fund the Model S, Musk chose to bankrupt himself — giving up the money he earned from his success with PayPal (a company he sold) — rather than let it die. With multiple bankruptcies and other difficulties up until the present day even, he was able to persevere no matter what life threw at him. It goes without saying that Elon Musk is truly a remarkable entrepreneur we should all admire.

So, should you become an entrepreneur? That ultimately depends on who you are and what kind of life you want for yourself. If becoming an entrepreneur appeals to you because of its potential rewards and flexibility, then by all means give it a try! Just make sure that you understand both sides of the coin before taking the plunge—the journey may be rewarding but it won’t always be easy either!

All in all, being an entrepreneur can be a challenging journey. It may require long hours and hard work, but the freedom and satisfaction you gain when you are successful are unparalleled. We want to offer you the support of like-minded entrepreneurs like yourself to further your goals. The Business Process Group is a great place to meet colleagues and build relationships that will open up new doors for your business. There are many experienced professionals who can help guide you on your journey. So take a leap of faith and join us!

We meet every other Thursday, and our goal is to be a resource to small business owners who need information and comradery of networking with people who are building their business just like them. This is an open networking event with a brief educational presentation geared towards entrepreneurship and business development. Check out our website for more information:

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A Note From the Author

As a business owner, brand strategist, and graphic designer I run in to questions and ideas every day.

As the owner of Norris Design, I started out wanting to solely be a designer, but education changed the way I thought, the way I viewed business and the way I viewed my role in helping other's businesses.  

Graphic design will always be my original love, but as I grew in knowledge, I realized the small view of design for the sake of something beautiful was such a disservice to businesses.

Businesses needed much more than just graphic design.  They needed to see the bigger picture of their businesses from the perspective of a designer.  Once I realized that branding had a huge role in large businesses that see amazing success but very few small businesses even think about branding or brand strategy, I realized that if I could offer a brand strategy view as a consultant rather than just an order taker graphic designer, I could actually move the needle in their businesses.

This is the beginning of where I started to fall in love with business, marketing, branding, brand strategy, consulting and brand building. 

It all started with education after college.

I obsessively read articles, listened to podcasts, watched videos, read books, and took classes.  This was to fulfill this desire to be more involved in the businesses side of design rather than just design alone.

So, this is why I wright. I appreciate other people's perspective and I hope that one day, mine can help someone else.

Kimberly Norris

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