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Is Graphic Design an Investment or Expense?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

What do you think? When you spend money on graphic design services for your business do you expect to get a return on investment according to the quality of the design?

The way we approach this in our business is that we have a very strong opinion that when design is done well and has strategy and thought behind it, it should always yield a higher return on investment. See why...

Graphic design is more than just art.

If graphic design is done as it should be, it is more than just a beautiful image. It is a communication device that can be used to add great value to a business. The way we conduct our graphic design services, is we base everything on strategy. We want to not just provide a beautiful piece of art but we want to create something that actually works. Graphic design is not the same as a painting on the wall, it has a completely different purpose and that is extremely important for a graphic designer to understand when creating any type of work. Our work has to serve a very important purpose for our clients.

We always believe that appearance is crucial.

We have seen the power of appearance in so many businesses that we work with. Appearance might be a subconscious issue for your potential customers but whether they realize it or not, they are judging a business' credibility by their appearance. This could be on the quality of a website, the cleanliness of a storefront or office, or the logo design that you use. Appearance for a business is worth the money. This will add credibility to your brand and will help you succeed in the long run.

I encourage you to consider how you interact with brands as a consumer. Have you not gone to a restaurant because of the appearance of their building? Have you not used a hairdresser because they have no website? Have you judged the credibility of a business not because of the quality of their services, but because of appearance?

This is something many people don't like to talk about, but as a business owner it is so important to understand this so that you can take advantage of this and see that there is a great return on investment for services that make your business look professional, relatable, and interesting.

The return on investment is always there if the quality of the graphic design service is there.

If the graphic design service is skilled and thoughtful in their work, there will always be a return on investment. It is more difficult to see the return quickly or numerically but over time it will show very clearly. Since an expense is something you don't expect to see a return on, we wholeheartedly believe that our graphic design services are an investment. Our goal is always to add value to our clients' businesses and this is how we do that.

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