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How to Make a Great First Impression with your Business Cards?

As a business owner, first impressions are everything. You have one chance to make a great initial impact on potential clients and customers– and your business cards can play an important role in creating that impression. They provide you with the perfect platform to showcase your unique style, values and expertise to strengthen connections within your industry. Having a well-designed business card gives the right message about who you are as an individual or company.

Here’s what we recommend when it comes to designing professional, memorable business cards that make a great first impression every time.

Use creative designs and interesting fonts to make your business cards stand out

Having a business card that stands out among the rest is one of the best ways to ensure your customers and business connections remember you. To make this happen, having creative designs and interesting fonts is key! If a total beginner in graphic design is at a loss, hiring a professional designer can help elevate business cards to the next level with eye-catching elements. Not only will the business card be unique, but it could also show clients that you take yourself seriously. Give business cards the attention they deserve - because first impressions count!

Make sure your contact information is easy to read and legible

Keeping your business cards up to date is an important element of any business. With every card printed, it’s vital that your contact information is easy to read and legible, so you can make sure connections have the right way to reach out to you. Also, consider having a graphic designer tweak the design for optimal clarity and impact. Even if the business cards are professionally-printed - which does make them look better - having a designer give them an extra touch is always worth considering!

Use high-quality paper stock for a luxurious look and feel

If you're looking to turn heads with business cards that ooze with luxury, then the key is in the quality of paper stock. From business cards to thank-you notes, designer stationery can communicate a sophisticated impression for your business. Invest a little more money and select high-quality paper stock for exquisite appearance that will never be forgotten. Enduring craftsmanship and tangible aesthetic are sure to make a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to receive your stylish business cards or designer stationery. Don't settle for anything less than the high-end look that comes from high-quality paper stock.

Include an interesting tagline or slogan to catch people's attention

Another way to stand out and show customers that your business is definitely worth a glance is by adding an intriguing tagline or slogan. Designing the perfect business cards with a great catchphrase can be tricky, but a good graphic designer will help you create a memorable one. They'll try different word combinations, colors, and arrangements to optimize the overall look of your business card so it stands out from the rest.

Avoid using too much text - keep it simple and concise

When it comes to business cards and conveying your message, remember less is more! Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing when your business card is simple and concise, but it can also be much easier for the person receiving it to understand. Keep in mind that someone could only have a few seconds to scan over your business card, so utilizing white space and making sure all of the text is meaningful helps boost readability. With a business card containing too much text, there’s the silence of confusion which you don’t want to inspire in potential partners or customers. Put in the extra effort to keep your business cards clear and easy to interpret.

Get creative with your packaging and presentation for a unique touch

One of the best ways to add a unique touch to your business is through creative packaging and presentation. Whether you're giving away business cards, brochures, or even just stickers, adding something special to it can go a long way in distinguishing your business from the competition. Small details like tying business cards together with a piece of string or using thick, textured paper for business cards really makes an impact. Even laminating business cards can give them an extra polished look. When you think outside the box when presenting products and services, it showcases how distinctive and dedicated you are as a business.

In conclusion...

Business cards are an essential tool for entrepreneurs and business owners. If you invest time and effort in the design, layout and quality of them, their impact is powerful. With a well-made card, you can put your best foot forward and make a lasting impression on those around you. Hiring a professional graphic designer to produce them ensures that the final product is up to standards, enhancing your credibility in the eyes of potential customers or employers. It may take some time and effort, but using thoughtfully designed business cards is worth it. Are you considering designing business cards for your business? Give us a call and we'll be happy to help with everything from design to print quality.


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A Note From the Author

As a business owner, brand strategist, and graphic designer I run in to questions and ideas every day.

As the owner of Norris Design, I started out wanting to solely be a designer, but education changed the way I thought, the way I viewed business and the way I viewed my role in helping other's businesses.  

Graphic design will always be my original love, but as I grew in knowledge, I realized the small view of design for the sake of something beautiful was such a disservice to businesses.

Businesses needed much more than just graphic design.  They needed to see the bigger picture of their businesses from the perspective of a designer.  Once I realized that branding had a huge role in large businesses that see amazing success but very few small businesses even think about branding or brand strategy, I realized that if I could offer a brand strategy view as a consultant rather than just an order taker graphic designer, I could actually move the needle in their businesses.

This is the beginning of where I started to fall in love with business, marketing, branding, brand strategy, consulting and brand building. 

It all started with education after college.

I obsessively read articles, listened to podcasts, watched videos, read books, and took classes.  This was to fulfill this desire to be more involved in the businesses side of design rather than just design alone.

So, this is why I wright. I appreciate other people's perspective and I hope that one day, mine can help someone else.

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