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The ROI of Graphic Design

You’ve probably heard the term “ROI” thrown around a lot lately. ROI stands for “return on investment,” and it’s a way of measuring how much money you can expect to make from an investment. For businesses, ROI is important when deciding whether or not to invest in certain things like marketing or new equipment. But what about graphic design? What is the ROI of investing in a good graphic designer?

Businesses often view design as something that is nice to have but not essential – after all, you can still sell your products without pretty packaging or an eye-catching website, right? Wrong. A study by Xerox found that companies with strong visual branding saw their revenue grow up to 15% faster than those who didn’t focus on design. And it makes sense when you think about it – if your product packaging is boring and basic, customers are likely to assume that your product is too. On the other hand, if your product packaging is attractive and well-designed, customers will be more likely to pick it up off the shelf (or click on it online). Good design isn’t just about making things look pretty – it’s about increasing sales and boosting your bottom line.

Graphic design is one of the most important aspects of any business or organization

Graphic design affects almost every aspect of modern-day business and organization. It isn't enough anymore to just have a product, service or message – you need great design to make sure it stands out and catches the eye of your target audience.

Graphic design is more than just a logo; it can encompass everything from packaging and website design to advertisements, branding, and marketing materials. It's all about creating visual elements that both visually stand out and capture the essence of what you are trying to achieve. Whether it be creative graphics designs for websites or vibrant print ads, graphic design plays a vital role in differentiating an organization from its competitors. Graphic design is undeniably an integral aspect of any successful business or organization!

Good graphic design can help you stand out from the competition and make a positive impression on customers

Graphic design makes or breaks the face of any business. Good quality graphics are often what customers remember when thinking about your business, and can really help you stand out from the competition.

Graphic design can set a positive tone for customer interactions and create a strong first impression that will entice people to keep coming back for more. It conveys professionalism and knowledgeableness, giving customers the assurance that their needs will be taken care of in a competent manner. Graphic design is a powerful tool that every business should leverage to get ahead and remain competitive.

Poor graphic design can have the opposite effect and damage your reputation

Poor graphic design, on the other hand, isn't just a foolish mistake--it can have serious repercussions that could damage your reputation. Graphic design can be seen as the face of your business; a great design will help build credibility and trust, while a muddled or unattractive one can make someone think twice about engaging with you.

Graphic design sets the first impression for visitors and customers alike. In this competitive world, having an outdated or unprofessional look can send the wrong signal to these potential allies, and could potentially leave you behind when people seek out similar services. Therefore, it's clear that investing in good graphic design is paramount to establishing—and maintaining—a positive image for your business.

The cost of good graphic design is worth the investment, especially when you consider the ROI

Investing in good graphic design will pay off in the long run. Graphic design is one of the most powerful tools your business can have, from helping to create any additional marketing materials to creating a logo that customers recognize and remember. A professional designer can help shape the public perception of your brand and put you ahead of competitors.

Graphic Design also has a great return on investment (ROI) as it drives sales, increases web traffic, and leads to more customer engagement. So don't cut corners when it comes to Graphic Design - investing in quality Graphic Design is worth every penny.

Always be sure to work with a qualified and experienced graphic designer to get the best results

Graphic design isn't a job you want to leave to chance; it's an important factor in how your company or product is perceived, so it's crucial to hire someone who knows what they're doing.

Choosing to work with a qualified and experienced graphic designer has many advantages - they'll have the right technical skills and knowledge, ensuring you get the best results as well as a uniquely designed logo that reflects your brand. By taking this important step toward protecting the integrity of your vision, you'll be sure that the final design rises to meet all expectations.

To sum it all up...

Investing in graphic design has a lot of benefits that can impact your business as a whole. It’s important to remember that experienced designers like us can help you take your brand to the next level.

Feel free to check out our website for samples of our work and if you’re interested in exploring what we can do for you, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to discuss how we could help grow your business through high-quality graphic design.


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A Note From the Author

As a business owner, brand strategist, and graphic designer I run in to questions and ideas every day.

As the owner of Norris Design, I started out wanting to solely be a designer, but education changed the way I thought, the way I viewed business and the way I viewed my role in helping other's businesses.  

Graphic design will always be my original love, but as I grew in knowledge, I realized the small view of design for the sake of something beautiful was such a disservice to businesses.

Businesses needed much more than just graphic design.  They needed to see the bigger picture of their businesses from the perspective of a designer.  Once I realized that branding had a huge role in large businesses that see amazing success but very few small businesses even think about branding or brand strategy, I realized that if I could offer a brand strategy view as a consultant rather than just an order taker graphic designer, I could actually move the needle in their businesses.

This is the beginning of where I started to fall in love with business, marketing, branding, brand strategy, consulting and brand building. 

It all started with education after college.

I obsessively read articles, listened to podcasts, watched videos, read books, and took classes.  This was to fulfill this desire to be more involved in the businesses side of design rather than just design alone.

So, this is why I wright. I appreciate other people's perspective and I hope that one day, mine can help someone else.

Kimberly Norris

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