Choose Confidence Logo Design

We developed a brand identity and logo design for University of Arkansas program with Walmart and Proctor and Gamble as sponsors.  

The project was intended to produce inclusion at the university.  They wanted to portray diversity and inclusion through the logo and motto of "choose confidence."

The Lead Logo Design

We created a brand identity and logo design for a non-profit in California.  The organization is a group of three people. They are a diverse multicultural group and  wanted to create a safe space for movement learning. They are dedicated to bringing a diverse perspective and we wanted to help them bring movement learning into communities that have never been exposed to this—all over the world!! 

We helped create their brand identity and logo design representing movement, diversity, and unity.

Strategic Lawn Care

We were able to develop this logo design for Strategic Lawn Care.  They are a lawn care service which serves all of Northwest Arkansas. 

Their goal was to create a logo that showed high end and strategic services. 

The curved lines in the logo represent the land and the shape above represents a seed being applied to the land.  The logo design is intended to be modern, professional and distinctive. 

Plus 1 Training Logo Design

Create a logo design for an athletic trainer.  

The strategy was based on the phrase of "plus one." This represents the trainer's ideal that if we can always push one more than what we think we can, we will always be moving forward and upward.

The style of the logo was intended to be modern, bold and to portray movement. 

OZ Outdoors Logo Design

We were able to develop the brand strategy and logo design for OZ Outdoors. 

They are a high end landscape architecture and design company.  They make all decisions through the lens of sustainability and preservation.  

Their goal is to be set a part as a creative, sustainable and high quality landscape company that is one of a kind! 

We designed the logo to represent the land.  Looking at the logo, it could appear to be 2 mountains with shaded sky above it or it could appear to be a split in a river.  We wanted for the logo design to be subjective to nature in whichever way the viewer sees it. 

Green Door and More Logo Design

We created a logo for a variety of businesses all at the same location behind this iconic green door.  

The green door would unify the vacation rental, wedding venue, and esthetics services that were all operated in this one location.

Through this, we created the brand identity, logo design,, website design and print marketing materials. 

Wolfe Property Solutions Logo Design

Wolfe Property Solutions is a company who focuses on comprehensive real estate investing.  They develop strategies to partner with real estate investors as they buy, sell, manage, and protect their investments. 


The 3 colors of the logo exemplify the 3 aspects of their business: buying/selling, investment management, and property management


The raising bars show the investment and elements of gaining a return on investment. 


The wolf is a play on the owner's name, but it also portrays many values that the business stands for.  The wolf represents teamwork, loyalty, and protection.


We developed the brand strategy and logo design for this company. 

NWA Wrapped Logo Design

We created the logo design for a local vehicle wrap company in Arkansas. 


The wordmark logo was inspired by an urban style yet we wanted to make sure it looked bold, professional, and that it would appeal to a large variety of customers. 

We developed the logo, print marketing materials, vehicle wrap and more. 

Lighthouse Planning Partners Logo Design

We were able to develop the brand strategy and logo redesign for Lighthouse Planning Partners. 

The company was changing directions and merging two different branches.  This logo design is a combination of the two logos with a new name for the new merged companies.  

The brand strategy was done to give them a very clear idea o their new direction, goals, plans and strategy for developing the perception of this new business. 

Empowered Tax Logo Design

A CPA needed an effective brand identity logo design that would work with her for years to come.

She wanted a logo that was inviting and could feel less stark as many accounting service brands do.  She wanted something that would represent forward thinking and the upward trajectory of businesses with which she works.  

We used these aspects to determine the strategy and objective of this logo making it modern and resemble three check marks and an "E" that forms an upward trajectory on a chart.

Overnight Cribs Logo Design

Overnight Cribs is a vacation rental company specializing in a large variety of rentals in many different areas.  

They wanted a logo that would be clean and bold.  It was important for the logo to be able to encompass any type of home over state lines and even out of the country.  

The lines are clean and uniquely inspired by the lines of architectural drawings. 

Their saying is "new threshold, new experience" so we emphasized this with the clean lines of the opening door so that someone might envision the new experiences they will have in this new vacation.

We developed the logo design and print marketing materials.

Tequeria Martinez Logo Design​

We developed the logo design for a local food truck.


The taqueria is an authentic Mexican food truck in Rogers, Arkansas. 

We had the pleasure of developing the logo design as a unique mix of vintage and modern styles. The brand identity is a custom logo design developed by Norris Design. 

Finish Line Logo Design

We developed a logo for a logistics company who offers a large variety of services.  

Since logistics is a business to business market we wanted to keep the logo bold, professional and simple.  

We developed the logo, website and print marketing materials. 

Arkansas Tech SAE Logo Design

We developed a logo design for a department at the University of Arkansas Tech. 

SAE is the name of the organization standing for Society of Automotive Engineers. 

The imagery of the logo is of the gears and parts of the cars since the focus of the organization was to work on the mechanics of the vehicles. 

Bijoux Logo Design

Bijoux was a personal project that we created. We were working on developing a line of logos to represent different styles and types. 

The concept of this logo was a high end jewelry brand that was a mix of urban and luxe styles. The word "Bijoux" means jewelry in French. 

The logo design is a custom wordmark which we developed the entire look of the brand. 

Plynergy Logo Design

Plynergy is a renewable energy company here in Northwest Arkansas. We were able to develop their logo design and brand identity.

Vibrant Life Logo Design

We developed a logo and brand identity for a health company.  They sell three lines of products with the value of wholistic health.  Since one product line alone does not change everything they wanted to develop a brand that can encompass all three into one. 

The apple represents nutrition.  The plant represents CBD, and the water represents the enhanced water that can improve their health.  

The two strings circling the objects in the logo represent DNA since their entire focus is on health of the human body. 

We developed their logo, website design, and print marketing materials. 

Women of Trade Logo Design

We developed the logo design for Women of Trade.  This is a business made of women who develop clothing for women in trade work. The business was derived from a woman owned and women operated trade business who could never find the work clothes that they needed. 

Our goal was to emphasize femininity and find a combination of feminine with trade work. 

Motor Geek Logo Design

Motor Geek is a company who custom builds drag racing motorcycles. 

The logo was inspired by a motorcycle that he build himself and really admired. 

For this logo our focus was modern, sporty, and a sense of speed with the slant of the letters.

We developed the log design, print marketing materials and vehicle wrap for this brand. 

Executive Enterprise Services

Executive services is a commercial cleaning company that services large businesses in the Northwest Arkansas Area.  

They wanted a logo that was simple, bold and professional in order to upgrade the correct logo that they had. 

We developed this new logo design and multiple vehicle warps for this company. 

Elite Auto Glass Logo Design

We designed a logo for an auto glass repair and replacement company. 

Their goal was to appeal to a wide variety of people as their market is very broad.  We were able to create a sporty, bold and vast look so that their logo can work for a very long time and appeal to a large audience. 

The style of the words was meant to show motion and speed as a car would.  The three side outline is representative of the windshield without being extremely literal. 

Sarah Khilling Logo Design

We developed a logo for a realtor named Sarah Khilling. She wanted to create a personal brand to differentiate herself from her brokerage.  

We were able to develop a logo that was elegant and professional. 

I Saw It Logo Design

We developed the logo design for a very unique company in Oklahoma.  They mill their own lumber, kiln dry it and make custom furniture from it. 

The logo is supposed to feal rustic with a hint of modern.  We wanted to focus on the two aspects of this business, the trees and the sawmill. 

Absolute Home Services Logo

We designed the logo for a home services company in Central Arkansas.  The company does a large variety of work on the interior and exterior of homes. 

We wanted to portray a vintage feel with a modern and clean feal. 

We were able to tie the design all together with the roof nested around the lettering.

Mission Ace Logo

We designed the logo for a handyman business who does a large variety of services.  

The goal was to portray a large variety of services while keeping a modern and strong style. 

Central Arkansas Cru Logo Design

We had the pleasure of creating a logo for Arkansas Tech Cru.


Each year, this non-profit hosts an elegant dinner for their support partners.  Their desire was to develop branding for the event. 

Our goal was to keep the logo modern, elegant, and simple.  The logo needed to appeal to a large variety of customers which is why these styles were a great fit. 

Feldenkrais San Diego Logo Redesign

We developed the redesign for their logo, brand identity, and brand strategy for Feldenkrais San Diego. 

After the effects of COVID in California this business wanted to use the situation to rebrand, improve their strategy and start strong after COViD had taken the majority of their business. 

Stevie Stevens Mosaics Logo Design

We were able to design a signature stamp logo for a mosaic artist.  

Stevie Stevens creates beautiful mosaics and wanted to develop a mark to use as a consistent signature on each piece that she creates. 

The mark is representative of a crown and the fragmented pieces of the art of mosaic.  The style is simple and bold since the logo will need to be used as a stamp on the artwork. 

Let it Grow Logo Design

We developed the logo design for Let It Grow. 


Let it Grow is a local flower farming business.  They focus on flowers that are native to the area and regenerate as they also focus on attracting pollinators. 

The logo highlights a couple flowers that are very prominent and native to Northwest Arkansas as well as the pollinator. 

Mayra's Cleaning Logo Design

Mayra's Cleaning services is a cleaning service in Northwest Arkansas who focuses on residential cleanings. 

We developed a logo for this business to set them a part as a professional cleaner. We also developed some print marketing materials.

Mozark House Real Estate Logo

A logo design we developed for Mozark House Real Estate Solutions.  We developed the design and brand identity system for the brand.  

Mozark is a real estate company that specializes in buying, selling and property investment/management. 

We really enjoyed being the marketing and design solutions for this real estate company. 

Let's talk

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Discovery Session

Each logo design project starts with a consultation so that we can understand your business and your needs.  We need to understand who you are, who your target market is so that we can find a way to relate the two through logo design.  From this information we are able to develop a strategy that make sense for your business and your market. 

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Research, Brainstorming & Sketching

After determining the style and direction of the design we want to go, we sketch ideas for the logo design.  This is the best way for us to get many options on paper and explore through the creative outlet of drawing.  This allows us to explore many more options that will guide our final logo design.

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Presentation of Brand Identities

Once we develop multiple designs we create style board that show our clients the vision of the visual brand. We want to present the logo as a full brand identity, not just the logo itself.  After the presentation we make adjustments if needed and then we finalize the logo and provide a fully developed style guide and various logo files.