• Kimberly Norris

Logos that don't say ANYTHING.

A common misconception is that a company's logo must say everything about what their business does. This is so far off. In fact, most famous logos say almost nothing about what the business actually does.

Mercedes doesn't have a car in their logo.

Nike doesn't have a shoe.

Starbucks doesn't have a cup of coffee.

...and so on.

Most logos don't say that much about the business. We find this misconception because of the feeling and connotation of the logo that we understand in our minds. This feeling and understanding is branding exactly. It has virtually nothing to do with the contents of their logo other than that the logo is the face of those feelings and that brand.

So, when people start their business and need a logo designed, they forget that these brands don't actually have imagery that communicates everything they do. Most people starting a business want everything that their business is about to be explained in their logo... but that is impossible.

No one can make a logo that will ever explain your company's values, services, products, mission, vision, and personality. It will never happen. This however is a huge hope of many business owners. So, when you are creating your logo remember that the logo is not everything. Your brand is.

Your logo should be professional, appropriate in style and feel, distinctive and memorable, and simple!! These are the criteria that we use for a good logo.

Your logo doesn't have to say everything. In fact, it doesn't have to say much at all.

Businesses like the ones listed above are build over time. They are made step by step. They start with a brand strategy and they consistently follow the strategy for years. They adjust when needed but overall, they have a plan that is very strategic and creative.

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