• Kimberly Norris

What Makes a Good Logo?

Are you thinking about rebranding, starting a brand, or hiring a logo designer?

We have a criteria that will help you, as an entrepreneur know what to look for in a logo.

Each of these logos follow the qualities on our list as well as many other famous marks.

1 - Appropriate in Style and Feel

The logo must match the business it belongs to. If you have a sports training brand the logo shouldn't be light and dainty. Most likely it should be strong and bold to match the feel of the brand. If the business is a jewelry shop, it is quite the opposite. It shouldn't be strong, bold and masculine. It should probably be more high end, luxury, dainty and classic.

Even though the logo is not the entire brand, it is important that it is going in the right direction. Understanding this criteria can help you connect more naturally with your audience.

2 - Distinctive and Memorable

One part of logo design that is often overlooked is that it is unique enough to be owned. For example, you can't really own an image of a tree if you are a lawn service. Even if you can, it might be better to go another direction because the odds of the tree created being distinctive and memorable enough that it stand out from the competition is very small.

Thinking outside of the box is usually really helpful to achieve this step. It might not be a groundbreaking idea. It just must be different so that is can gain recognition.

3 - Simple

Simplicity is key for every logo design. Now that logos are seen is so many formats, it is crucial that they can be read well in each one. If your logo is an eighth of an inch wide on a cell phone does it loose detail or is it even legible. If it is blown up to the size of a billboard is it legible? If the logo needs to be one color for a sponsorship will it work?

Generally a logo should be created in black and white to make sure it can stand like that on its own. You never want to rely on shading, color, or gradients for the success of the design. These things are all trendy and can take away from the usability of the logo. It's important to have a strong design that stands on its own without color, styling, or extra imagery. The trends such as gradients can be added to that logo then.

Simplicity is often seen by people as a little elementary but simplicity will last the test of time. This is the ultimate goal for the longevity of a business and their logo.

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