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5 Signs You Need a Logo Redesign

A logo is a crucial element of any business’s branding. It should be memorable and recognizable, easily conveying the message of your brand to customers. If your logo doesn’t quite hit these marks anymore, it might be time to consider a redesign. Here are five signs that you may need to give your logo an upgrade.

1. Your Brand Has Evolved - Does your current logo accurately reflect the direction in which your brand has evolved? Have you added new products or services since you designed your logo? If so, you may want to update it to better represent where you are today.

2. You Don’t Stand Out - A good logo makes a statement and stands out from the crowd of competitors in your industry. If yours blends in with others or goes unnoticed by passersby, then customers may not remember it long-term either. Consider a refresh if this is the case for you!

3. It Doesn’t Look Professional - You don’t have to hire a professional designer for an effective logo but having one can make sure that your design looks polished and professional when compared to others in its space. Think about how much time and effort went into creating and perfecting the logos of other successful businesses; take cues from them when looking at yours!

4. Your Logo Looks Outdated - Technology advances every day, as do customer tastes and preferences—it’s important that your logo keeps pace with modern trends if you want to stay relevant with them! Overly busy designs, loud colors, or dated fonts can all age quickly; if it looks like something someone would have used 10+ years ago, it might be time for an update!

5. You Don’t Have Vector Files - Vector files are necessary for high-quality logos because they allow you to resize without losing detail or clarity (think billboards or t-shirts). If all you have is a low-resolution PNG file, then it might be time to create vector files so that you aren’t stuck using an outdated version of your logo for everything else!

Ultimately, deciding whether or not it's time for a logo redesign comes down to understanding what makes good branding and how well yours lives up to those standards now versus when it was first created (if applicable).

Remember that logos should be unique but also representative of who you are as a business—if yours isn't doing this anymore (or wasn't ever), then maybe it's time for a refresh! Business owners should evaluate their logos regularly in order to ensure they remain up-to-date and recognizable by customers both old and new alike.

A logo is an incredibly important part of any business, and it can really define the face of your company or organization. Redesigning a logo is no easy task, so make sure you get it right! Professional graphic designers are available to help you create just the perfect logo that accurately represents your business and stands the test of time.

We’ve walked you through all the basics of logo design and given tips on how to plan out your design process, now it’s up to you to decide if redesigning your logo is a necessary move. If it is and you need professional help, don't hesitate to contact us! Our team is dedicated to providing quality services and making sure you have a timeless logo that accurately reflects your business. Call us if you need a professional graphic designer for your redesign needs – don’t miss this opportunity to set yourself apart from other businesses in the same industry!


Need more information about logo design? Our blogs Why Hire a Logo Designer? and Is Custom Logo Design Worth It? can provide mor insight and they're just a few minutes reads!



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A Note From the Author

As a business owner, brand strategist, and graphic designer I run in to questions and ideas every day.

As the owner of Norris Design, I started out wanting to solely be a designer, but education changed the way I thought, the way I viewed business and the way I viewed my role in helping other's businesses.  

Graphic design will always be my original love, but as I grew in knowledge, I realized the small view of design for the sake of something beautiful was such a disservice to businesses.

Businesses needed much more than just graphic design.  They needed to see the bigger picture of their businesses from the perspective of a designer.  Once I realized that branding had a huge role in large businesses that see amazing success but very few small businesses even think about branding or brand strategy, I realized that if I could offer a brand strategy view as a consultant rather than just an order taker graphic designer, I could actually move the needle in their businesses.

This is the beginning of where I started to fall in love with business, marketing, branding, brand strategy, consulting and brand building. 

It all started with education after college.

I obsessively read articles, listened to podcasts, watched videos, read books, and took classes.  This was to fulfill this desire to be more involved in the businesses side of design rather than just design alone.

So, this is why I wright. I appreciate other people's perspective and I hope that one day, mine can help someone else.

Kimberly Norris

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